Spongy Moth

Important Update

The Entomological Society of America has recently changed the official common name of Lymantria dispar from "gypsy moth" to "spongy moth." Thank you for your patience while we transition through this name change process.

The Midland County Spongy Moth Suppression Program began in 1986 in response to the massive defoliation of nearly one third of the entire County's forest cover. The Program was, and still is, funded through a popular millage voted on by the residents of Midland County.

The Program's goal is to suppress the number of spongy (gypsy) moth larvae to an acceptable level in areas where people live. Eradication of the moth is not possible and attempts to eradicate the insect would surely meet with failure. The alternative is to manage the insect and its damage. This has been shown to be achievable throughout the Program's history. Careful monitoring and precise spraying has helped to keep the spongy (gypsy) moth at a very low level in most of the County for nearly a decade.

This program is managed contractually using Aquatic Consulting Services II LLC. 

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