Search & Rescue

In case of an emergency, Midland County Search and Rescue can be reached through 911.

Midland County Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works on behalf of the Midland County Sheriff to locate missing persons. The organization uses behavioral science to answer the question, “Where would this person go?” and follows a command system to adapt to the changing needs on the scene. Their Management Team and searchers train for hundreds of hours to a National search and rescue standard and work without cost when invited by local law enforcement. They are trained to know how to search, manage others who have less training, identify and request additional search resources, determine which areas have the greatest probability of success, track the areas that have been searched, and assess when it is necessary to end a search. When law enforcement determines that it is appropriate, they manage and deploy other local resources, freeing the officer in charge for other duties.

Volunteers over 18 can apply at Training is provided. For more information, email