Detective Bureau

The Midland County Sheriffs Office Detective Bureau consists of two full time Detectives. They have received extensive investigative training in evidence collection, interview and interrogation, and crime scene processing. 

The main duty of the Detective Bureau is to investigate the more serious and complex crimes for the Sheriff's Office. These complaints may originate directly from Central Dispatch or by referral from the Road Patrol Division after an initial investigation. As the sharing of information is vital to the success of any law enforcement agency, the Detectives play a vital role in its dissemination.

Detectives receive information from the public, by frequent interaction with the Road Patrol Division, and by networking with Detectives from around the area. The primary goal of the Detective Bureau is to complete thorough investigations that result in the prosecution of criminal offenders so as to defend the rights of the victim.

How to Reach Us

Sheriff Myron Greene

2727 Rodd Street

Midland, MI 48640

Hours: Mon-Fri (8am - 5 pm)

Phone: (989) 839-4630

Jail Phone: (989) 832-6612

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