The Crime Stoppers Hotline (1-800-422-JAIL) does not record calls nor does it have caller I.D. When someone phones in with information about a crime or about a fugitive they can be completely confident that they will not be identified.

Crime Stoppers relies on cooperation between the police, the media, and the general community to provide a flow of information about crime and criminals.

Each caller is given a code number after they have given their tip. Callers are reminded to periodically stay in touch by calling 1-800-422-JAIL to monitor any results of their information. Should their tip result in a felony arrest, they will be eligible for a cash reward. When they call the 1-800-422-JAIL TIP LINE to check on their tip, they will be told that the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors will determine the amount of the reward at their monthly meeting. The day after the meeting the coordinator will know the amount of the payout. When the tipster calls back the coordinator will tell the tipster the amount of the reward and the the time and location where he/she can pick up the cash reward.

In 1986, the I.R.S. made a ruling exempting Crime Stoppers programs from having to collect personal information on callers in order to collect their rewards.