Criminal Division

District Court Criminal Matters

All criminal cases prosecuted within the County of Midland are filed at the 75th District Court.

The 75th District Court processes misdemeanor cases (less serious crimes) from arraignment through sentencing, and felony cases (more serious crimes) from arraignment through preliminary exam.

A few key items:

Arraignment: Defendant is advised of his/her rights, advised of the charge, advised of possible penalties, bond is set, and a plea may be entered.

Pre-Trial: An exchange of information between the two sides.

Preliminary Exam (felonies only): To determine if a crime was committed and if the defendant may have committed the crime (probable cause).

Sentencing: The final step in the legal process, a penalty is assessed for someone who is convicted of, or plead guilty to a crime.

Criminal cases are serious issues with the possible penalties of fines and/or jail time, and/or probation.

Some examples of criminal cases are:

Theft or larceny

Non-sufficient fund checks

Domestic violence

Assault and battery


Drug charges

Driving on a Suspended License

Information regarding Expungement of a Previous Criminal Conviction