Current + Past County Newsletters

We love our community and it shows...every month we update our community on the fantastic things happening around Midland County!



January - Several health updates + a review of the Popular Annual Financial Report are just the tip of the ice berg, read on and and find out more! | January
February - Board of Commissioners, learn more about their new member, the Sheriff welcomes new deputies and new way to report road hazards are just some of the updates in this months newsletter. | February
March - Meet the Public Guardian, COVID-19 update, is it almost over? | March
April - Assistant Prosecutors recognized by their peers, Spring = Mosquito's, what is happening this year and much much more! | April
May - Max Loves Midland, wait who's Max and why love Midland? Guess you will have to read this months newsletter to find out. | | May
June - See how Midland volunteers around our community + a new look for our website! Check it out! | June
July - Watch the video to learn more about how we are working to bring broadband internet access to the county, read about good password habits and many more great tidbits to make our community a better place! | Click here to open
August - Introducing "Biscuits with Bridgette", all about RSV, DNR Land Auction, and meet Tiffany Eddy | August
September - Moving for a Cause, Meet 911 and learn how they keep our community safe plus more! | Click here to open

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