Current + Past County Newsletters

We love our community and it shows...every month we update our community on the fantastic things happening around Midland County!



January - The Sheriff's Office has some updates, Dr. Catherine M Bodnar has some tips on New Years Resolutions, Midland County's Department of Public Health recognizes Radon Action Month, and protect yourself from fraudulent text messages! | January
February - Fun facts about Feb. 29th plus this month is packed with lots of information to improve your heatlh! | February
March - We are Midland County! There when you need us...take a peak at the infographics about our mission, resources and budget. Dr. Bodnar has a great wellbeing tip on the power of 'Yet'. | Click here to open
April - It's National County Government Month and Midland County wants you to know how we make our community the best! Safety is always important, from disease, mental issues and even those pesky mosquitos! Find out what our great employees are doi | Click here to open
May - Wellbeing focus on mindfulness provides some great practices to help. The Farmers Market is back this month plus some great tips on cybersecurity. | Click here to open
July - So many incredible things to do around Midland this summer! You'll find something here for everyone. | Click here to open


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