Civil Division of 75th District Court

The Civil Department of the court is made up of General Civil, Small Claims, and Landlord Tenant cases. General Civil cases involve money amounts of up to $25,000. Small Claims handles money amounts up to $7,000 and Landlord Tenant involves evictions between landlords and tenants for possession and/or unpaid rent.

The Landlord/Tenant Division is responsible for handling all real property evictions. Real property is considered land, and generally whatever is built on, growing on, or affixed to that land. 

The Landlord/Tenant Department does not handle disputes between landlords and tenants. Please consult an attorney or consult the Landlord/Tenant handbook.

The Small Claims Court was established in 1968 as a division of the District Court system. Its purpose is to provide a court to be used by people, without the aid of attorneys, to settle monetary disputes of $7,000 or less. Small Claims only handles monetary issues, we cannot make anyone return items, or do anything.

The General Civil Division is responsible for handling monetary disputes up to $25,000, and claim and delivery cases in which the item in dispute is $25,000 or less. The general civil division handles its cases in a formal setting before a judge. The parties in a general civil case are expected to follow proper civil procedure; it is recommended that if you are not familiar with civil court rules and regulations, you consult with or hire an attorney.  

Notice of Legal Advice

Deputy Clerks and employees of 75th District Court can not give legal advice. They may provide general information regarding court operations and procedures. They can provide you, at your request, any blank form the court has in stock at a small fee.

Legal questions should be referred to your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, check the yellow pages for an attorney in your area.

The State of Michigan has a webpage Michigan Legal Help.

Additionally, the State Bar of Michigan offers a lawyer referral service.

Choosing a Process Server

justice scales

You may use whomever you choose to accomplish service.  A list of approved process servers can be found here.