Environmental Health

Our programs focus on the prevention of disease and exposure to pollutants via education, inspection of facilities and enforcement of the referenced laws.

Water Wells

Our sanitarians are here to help with both new and existing drinking wells.

Septic Systems

Our sanitarians conduct soil evaluations (perc test), and permit and inspect septic systems.

Household Hazardous Waste

We host four Household Hazardous Waste days each year. This gives residents of Midland County opportunities to properly dispose of waste that does not belong in our normal landfilll.

Food Safety

Restaurants in Midland County are inspected regularly to ensure food safety for customers. We check the entire facility to be sure safe-food practices are being utilized.

Public Swim Inspections

The State of Michigan requires operators of public swimming pools to be inspected regularly for proper water balance and overall safety for visitors. Our sanitarians provide these inspections on behalf of the state.

Body Art Facility Licensing

Body art and tattoos are popular and safe if best-practices are used. We inspect each facility to ensure it is cleanly and sanitary. The law requires facilities to be licensed and inspected. Be sure to ask before you begin a procedure.

Adult & Child Care Facilities

One of many licensing requirements for daycares in Michigan is a check by the local Health Department. We look a water quality and temperature, sanitary waste, heating/cooling safety, and emergency egress requirements.


Radon test kits are available at the Environmental Health Division of the Midland County Health Department.


Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals. These minerals are difficult to break down and can be harmful to your health with repeated exposure.


Photo of the Midland County Services Building

Jim Henry,

Environmental Health Director

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