FOIA Requests

The basic function of the Freedom of Information Act is to ensure informed citizens, vital to the functioning of a democratic society.

The Midland County Civil Counsel has been designated by the Chairman of the Midland County Board of Commissioners as the County FOIA Coordinator.

The FOIA Coordinator shall be responsible for accepting and processing requests for records covered under the Act and shall be responsible for approving a denial in accordance with the Act.

It is the policy of Midland County that, consistent with the Act, all persons except those incarcerated in state or local correctional facilities are entitled to full and complete information regarding governmental decision making.

A request must "describe the public record sufficiently to enable the public body to find the public record..." MSA 4.1801(3). A request that is overly vague or that does not give reasonable time parameters will be denied. Requests must be in writing and must be delivered to:

Midland County Board of Commissioners

Attn: FOIA Coordinator

220 W Ellsworth St

Midland, MI 48640


Board of Commissioners Office

220 West Ellsworth Street

Midland, MI 48640-5194

Hours: Mon-Fri (8 am - 5 pm)

Phone: (989) 832-6775

Fax: (989) 837-6587

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